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Your Week of #NoTakeout

You’re on your fourth week of #NoTakeout January! Maybe you’ve slipped up and ordered baked ziti and a bottle of wine on a Friday night… Or two… Regardless, it’s a new Monday and we have a meal plan to help you out! Read on for delicious sandwiches, healthy desserts and fancy dinners that are all #NoTakeout approved.



This #MeatlessMonday recipe for Pan Bagnat will leave you more than satisfied at lunch with its layers of mozzarella, tomato and avocado. Cook up this week’s Red Rice with Squash for dinner.


For lunch, bring your Red Rice with Squash leftovers. Cook up this Chicken Stir-fry recipe for dinner if you’re feeling tempted to order in. We promise it’s better than the sketchy take-out place down the block!



Bring Chicken Stir-fry for lunch. Invite a friend over for dinner and impress them with your cooking skills – Mussels with Turkey Sausage is the perfect recipe!


Ward off the sniffles and energize with a green juice for lunch. Cook up this Creamy Italian Eggplant Orzo for dinner.



Orzo leftovers are a delicious lunch, cold or warmed up. Enjoy a Ricotta Pizza with Grapefruit Salad for dinner. Try one of these 7 healthy desserts for a sweet treat!



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