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Why Plated Is Antibiotic-Free and What It Means for You

We use no antibiotics or added hormones in our meat. We use domestic, sustainably sourced seafood.

If you know Plated, you already know that our hand-packed, pre-portioned meals give you the exact amount of each ingredient you need, thereby greatly reducing waste. But our passion for responsibly producing, distributing, and consuming food extends to the very beginning of the process.

That’s why our meat is antibiotic-free and has no added hormones, and our seafood is domestic and sustainably sourced.


What exactly does that mean?

Many farms inject antibiotics into their livestock to ward off disease and make the animals grow faster. But we source from places with superior housing conditions for the animals and, therefore, don’t need to give such injections.

Our products are wholesome and fresh. What you see is what you get.


Why does it matter?

Animals fed even small doses of antibiotics can develop antibiotic-resistant bacteria, which, when consumed, can end up in our bodies.

But we have no squalid living conditions to compensate for using antibiotics, and we certainly don’t want to compromise our own health by fostering resistance to medicine. Instead, by avoiding antibiotics and added hormones, Plated promotes a healthy and natural food cycle from start to finish.


We’ll leave you with this:

We think there’s been a shift in the Zeitgeist. The old way of doing things in the food industry is no longer acceptable, and many leaders in the space are responding to that. Whole FoodsChipotle, and Panera Bread are in on the antibiotic-free approach. And far be it from us to stand and watch.

When it comes to healthy, quality, responsibly sourced food, we are fully on board.

Who’s with us?


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