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What You Need to Know
About Blood Oranges

blood-orangeImage via Flickr

Most people do not know what a blood orange is, and if they do then they usually don’t really have a clue what they’re like or what they’re used for. Trust us on this, blood oranges are perfection when they’re used right. Even eaten by themselves they are one of the most delicious fruits you will try! We are here to give you a little background on this fruit that is not only a beautiful culinary experience but also highly underrated.

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Blood oranges were first discovered in the 1850’s in Europe as a unique hybrid of a regular orange. Their most distinguishing feature is the color of their flesh. It is a deep red-orange color or, like the name implies, consisting of a crimson hue akin to blood. They are usually seedless and have a skin much tougher than other oranges. One of our favorite parts is their taste and smell. Blood oranges are far more aromatic than other citrus fruits, and their smell is somewhat floral with a hint of that classic orange flavor that is so fresh and wonderful. While they do taste like normal oranges to some extent they also have the very unique addition of raspberry thrown in for good measure. They are also well known for having a greater amount of antioxidants than the average orange.

Blood oranges are fantastic juiced for vinaigrette dressings or in salads. Try out this unique fruit in this week’s Seared Salmon with Winter Citrus Salad!

- Hannah Catherine


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