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The 6 Best Brunch Drinks

There is nothing we crave more on a Sunday morning than a nice refreshing drink. We have rounded up the top brunch drinks for you to try this weekend!

cold brewed coffee

This cold brewed coffee from Smitten Kitchen is perfect for brunch. It’s refreshing and gives you that extra jolt you may need after a late night.


Need something a little stronger than coffee? This Spicy Grapefruit Margarita from Bon Appétit is sure to wake you right up.

sangria recipes

This Rosé Sangria from Cupcakes and Cashmere is super refreshing and the blood orange ice cubes are a nice touch.

Bloody Mary

It’s a big claim to say that this is the best Bloody Mary you will ever have but we believe it coming from Joanna Goddard from ‘A Cup of Jo’.

Chamomile Tea

This non-alcoholic Iced Chamomile Sun Tea from Nicole Franzen is not only delicious but will look beautiful on your brunch table!


This Blackberry Limeade from 101 Cookbooks is perfect for a brunch under the sun. Cold, sweet, sour and delicious!


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