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7 Ways to Bring Spring Into Your Kitchen

With spring’s arrival, it’s time to air out your space and breathe in new life. That doesn’t mean a huge overhaul: Whether you invest in a houseplant or make over a dull wall of your kitchen, these seven ideas will all bring on a little spring fever (with minimal effort).

1. Hang A Plant

bright hanging planter

A plant instantly adds color and oxygen to any room. If you don’t have counter space in your kitchen, hang one. This Wallter Hanging Planter is perfect for delicate cascading succulents.
(Image: Design Public)

2. Work In Florals

Citrus Floral Print

One of the biggest design trends of the season, unsurprisingly, is florals, which add a vintage vibe to any kitchen. Hang a piece of wall art (like this Citrus Floral print from Rifle Paper Co.) or balance muted dinnerware with these floral plates.
(Image: Rifle Paper Co.)

3. Paint A Statement Wall
Statement Wall Color

Set aside a couple hours this weekend and perk up a drab white or beige wall with a coat of bold teal, blue, or even fuschia paint.
(Image: Good Housekeeping UK)

4. Grow Herbs—In Mason Jars
Mason Jar Herb Kit

Even if you’re hardly a green thumb, you can pull off this DIY project. All you need are some small rocks for drainage (which you can collect on a walk in your neighborhood), mason jars, soil, and herb seeds. Pile in rocks, fill up the jar with soil, sprinkle with herb seeds and then another thin layer of soil, and set them on your kitchen windowsill to watch them grow.
(Image: Urban Farmer)

5. Upgrade Boring Cabinet Knobs

Colorful Cabinet Knobs

If you want to update your kitchen but aren’t ready to commit to an involved remodel project (especially if you’re a renter), focus on your cabinet knobs. You can swap out generic hardware for ones with more personality in 20 minutes flat.
(Image: Anthropologie)

6. Display Flowers

Mini Vase

Spring wouldn’t be complete without ‘em. Skip one large arrangement and instead spread one bouquet across a bunch of differently sized glass or porcelain vessels. Use the stems as a centerpiece on your kitchen table or scatter them throughout your kitchen on shelves, the counter, or a stack of cookbooks.
(Image: Shan Annabelle Valla)

7. Freshen Up
Mason Jar Air Freshener Lemon Rosemary
Make your kitchen smell fresh and clean with a DIY air freshener of sliced lemons, fresh rosemary, and vanilla extract. Add ingredients to a saucepan with enough water to cover, bring them to a boil, then let simmer until the house smells fragrant.
(Image: The Yummly Life)



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