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Put A Minty Twist On Your Irish Coffee With This Easy Cocktail

The cocktail hour approaches on Saint Patrick’s Day. Before you start pouring the Guinness, enjoy a festive beverage with even more notes and nuances to pick up on: Our recipe for Mint Irish Coffee takes a refreshing twist on the traditional cocktail.

Serves: 1

1oz Jameson Irish Whiskey
½ oz mint Schnapps
1 cup brewed coffee
3 drops food coloring
2 tablespoons sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
½ cup heavy cream

1. Add whiskey to a mason jar.
Mint Irish Coffee 1

2. Add schnapps.
Mint Irish Coffee 2

3. Add coffee.
Mint Irish Coffee 3

4. Add food coloring and stir it in.
Mint Irish Coffee 4

5. Make whipped cream by shaking sugar, vanilla extract, and heavy cream for 45 seconds in a separate container.
Mint Irish Coffee 5

6. Top your drink with whipped cream.
Mint Irish Coffee 6

7. Garnish with a couple of mint leaves (if you’d like), then enjoy!

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