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Nutella Wars, Fat-Burning Wine, and Other News You Missed

Sure, you know that Beyoncé launched a vegan meal delivery service, but did you know that drinking wine might help you burn fat? Here’s food and health news from last week you might’ve missed.

A new study suggests that drinking wine could help burn fat.
“That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you,” said your Chardonnay-loving aunt.

President Obama proposed a new agency dedicated to keeping the nation’s food safe.
This could take a dozen federal agencies that oversee food safety and put them together in a single home.

Nutella is suing Brooklyn’s “Nutella Emporium.”
The Park Slope shop had already changed its name from Nutelleria to Nuteria, but that just isn’t good enough for the chocolate-hazelnut spread’s parent company.

Toddler’s food often has too much salt and sugar.
Keep up the label-reading and ensure that you’re making healthy choices. (We can lend a hand.)

Eat organic? You’re reducing your exposure to pesticides. 
A new study is among the first to predict a person’s pesticide exposure based on information about their usual diet.

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