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Need a Last-Minute Halloween Dessert? Make One of These 5 Quick DIY Treats…

At this point in your life, the scariest thing about Halloween is the fury of your friends when you show up to the party empty-handed. Don’t be that person.

Make one of these quick DIY treats come to life like Frankenstein, let your cohort of costumed comrades sink in their teeth like a vampire, and watch your dessert-bringing reputation transform like a werewolf. BWA-HA-HA!

Happy Halloween, boys and ghouls!

1. Pumpkin Cookies


2. 5-Minute Eyeball Cake Pops


3. Candy Corn Sugar Cookie Bark


4. Halloween Cupcakes in a Jar


5. Candy Corn Milkshakes


What kinds of Halloween treats are you making (or just eating) this weekend?


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