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National Peanut Butter Day:
Our Favorite Spreads

We’re always looking for excuses to nibble on treats at the office, and National Peanut Butter Day is the perfect excuse to break out a jar and spoon for a mid-afternoon snack. In honor of this special holiday, we’ve surveyed the office on everyone’s favorite brand of peanut butter and crunch preference. The data shows we have a quite varied palate when it comes to brand, but the trend towards a good jar of crunchy peanut butter was overwhelming.




As you can see in this 3 to 1 ratio, crunchy peanut butter took the lead in this face off. A few brave souls ventured to say “smooth” for their response, but as a whole the crunchy preference presides. favorite-peanut-butters-graph

When it came to brand preference, fresh peanut butter from the grinder at our local grocery stores tied with Justin’s Peanut Butter for first place. Classic JIF came in a close second.  Another notable favorite was Peanut Butter & Co, which also has a sandwich shop near our office where you can get sandwiches like Cookie Dough Surprise: Peanut butter on one side, cream cheese on the other, and stuffed with chocolate chips. Can you say “light lunch”?

Now it’s your turn: Crunchy or smooth?

- Alivia Duran


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