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Meet the Fisherman

Plated chefs, meet Sea to Table, our new partner in cuisine! Plated is teaming up with Sea to Table to ensure that the seafood on our menu (and on your plate) is the freshest and fairest. This means that the fish is coming straight from real, hard working fishermen who respect their product rather than industrial seafood suppliers who lack transparency.

Sea to Table is a seafood distributor based out of Brooklyn, N.Y. that prides itself on preserving fishing communities by expanding their market and connecting them directly to New York City chefs, who can then market their own food more effectively. This honest, direct, pay-it-forward business model cuts out the middle man, allowing fishermen to thrive in the market and giving chefs (that’s you!) confidence that their ingredients are top quality.

It all started on a vacation to Tobago in 1996 when the Dimin family observed a vibrant fishing community that lacked the business connections to develop and be competitive in the world market. The Dimins recognized the opportunity and created a sustainable, environmentally conscious industry that now connects fisheries in Alaska, the Gulf Coast, Florida, the Carolinas, New York and the Gulf of Maine directly to 600 restaurants. The majority of the fish you’ll be enjoying is from Sea to Table’s fishery in Portland, Maine.

Although not every piece of fish in your Plated box will come from Sea to Table, we’re really excited about the beginning of a great partnership. Not only will your Plated meals taste better, you’ll also feel better about what you’re cooking thanks to hormone-free, small-scale fisheries. We’re all about connecting people to their food, and Sea to Table is the latest step toward sustainable, responsible food sourcing that we are proud to deliver to your kitchen. We can understand just where our food comes from and learn its story – check out the video below to meet the people behind the ingredients!

- Emma Stratigos


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