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Looking for a Healthy Eating Plan? A Registered Dietician Gives This Advice.

The Real Food Promise by Beth Warren, MS, RD, CDN

When navigating through the world of health and wellness, conflicting opinions about what’s good for you may be derailing your path to nutrition. But the foundation of a healthy lifestyle is simple. In fact, losing weight, feeling more energized, and staying healthy overall are a result of one simple action: eating real food.

The small commitment of eating fewer processed foods can go a long way. Amidst a busy life, your diet becomes mostly about heavily processed products from the nearby grocery store, fast food chains, and other convenience locations. Although you may be experiencing a “local” method of shopping, that does not reap the benefits of purchasing and consuming locally sourced ingredients.

How can you find shortcuts to help your health? That’s where Plated comes in. Their promise to offer fresh local ingredients, antibiotic-free meat with no added hormones, and domestic and sustainably sourced seafood helps you create a nutritionally balanced, well-portioned meal despite your hectic schedule. We all need a little help keeping a real food lifestyle. There is no shame in welcoming assistance from those companies who want to not only make your life a little easier, but a little healthier, too. Actually, the more flawlessly you can fit fresh meals into your daily routine, without drastic shifts in your day-to-day lifestyle (and wallet!), the more likely you will stick with it—because real food must fit into your real life.

Through current research, we can see it is not merely one ingredient making us unhealthy. For example, high fructose corn syrup all by itself is not making us fat, nor is the occasional treat. The holistic perspective is the key: Keeping healthy is about your lifestyle, not a restrictive, short-lived diet.

Eating fresh, whole foods is meant to be simple and fun, not overwhelming and unattainable. By utilizing the high-quality resources Plated offers at a comparatively low cost, clean eating becomes an exciting, achievable experience that not only you, but your family, friends, and significant others can enjoy together.


Beth Warren, MS, RD, CDN, the author of LIVING A REAL LIFE WITH REAL FOOD (SKYHORSE 2014), is a registered dietitian in private practice in Brooklyn and NYC. She is also a freelance writer, consultant and speaker. Visit www.bethwarrennutrition.com for more information and follow her on instagram @beth_warren or twitter @bethwarrenrd.



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