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Knife Skills: How to Slice, Dice, and Mince Like a Chef

As Plated’s Head Chef Elana Karp learned in culinary school, proper knife skills can make cooking easier, quicker, and in some cases, can even alter the taste of certain ingredients. If you don’t feel like a pro yet when it comes to slicing, dicing, mincing, and julienning, check out Elana’s new informative, 12-minute¬†knife skills class, which covers all the basics you need to know.

In addition to learning standard cuts for everyday ingredients, you’ll walk away with knife safety skills, fun hacks to enjoy your time in the kitchen, and tips on selecting and using great knives. Check out the preview below, and start chopping like a chef in no time by signing up for the Skillshare class here.

Get a sneak peek and learn how to slice and julienne.


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