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Ingredient Spotlight: Sunchokes


With the sparse offering of fresh, seasonal greens during the winter, the cold months are a perfect time to explore the world of root vegetables. Tucked in near the potatoes at the winter farmer’s market, you can look for sunchokes, also called Jerusalem artichokes.

Despite their name, Jerusalem artichokes have no ties to the city of Jerusalem and are not a Middle Eastern food. This sweet and crunchy root from the sunflower family is native to North America. It is rumored that the name Jerusalem artichoke may have came from the mispronunciation of Spanish word for sunflower, “girasol”, which sounds slightly like Jerusalem.

These small, knobby tubers resemble ginger and have the consistency of a radish. When raw, sunchokes are nutty and sweet, similar to a water chestnut. They become even sweeter after cooking – especially when roasted!

Not only tasty, sunchokes are low in calories, and high in calcium, iron and riboflavin.


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- Alivia Duran



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