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Cooking with Halibut:
The Low-Calorie Fish

Halibut Board_sm

Halibut is often overlooked at the fish market. But with 100 fewer calories and less than half the fat content of the more-popular salmon, this fish is one to add into your meal plan.

This lean protein has a high level of tryptophan, an essential amino acid,  and is a good source of selenium, vitamin B3 and omega-3 fats. Pacific Halibut is also noted as a highly rated sustainable seafood choice.

Simple to prepare, halibut has a firm texture and delicate taste.  Soak fillets in a citrusy marinade with a little cayenne pepper, then grill for 6-10 minutes. Serve with couscous tossed with segmented grapefruits, garnish with cilantro and top with a little olive oil for a light and fresh meal that’s ready in minutes.




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