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Ingredient Spotlight: Grapefruit

Pink Grapefruit Juice Freshly Cut

Bursting with sweet and sour flavors, this pink-fleshed fruit is a reminder of the summer sun on a bleak winter day. Grapefruit has antibacterial and antifungal properties to ward off winter colds, providing a boost to the immune system. Offering a healthy helping of antioxidants, it is also rich in vitamins A and C.

While we love eating grapefruit for breakfast, we also enjoy tossing it into a green salad. Try adding grapefruit supremes to a salad with avocado and toasted pumpkin seeds; the creamy, tangy and nutty flavors come together perfectly. You can even blend the juice into a dressing in place of, or paired with, lemon juice or balsamic vinegar for an extra citrusy kick.

What is a grapefruit supreme?

To supreme is to remove the pith, skin, membranes and seeds of a citrus fruit and separate it into wedges. These wedges are called supremes. For step-by-step photos on how to supreme, see this article by Chef In You.

Bring a little sunshine to every meal!


- Alivia Duran



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