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How to Eat Steak And Stay Slim


Steak Meat Beef Tomato Grilled Seared Rosemary

It’s a myth that all steak is bad for you.  In fact, there are many health benefits to eating steak, such as protein for tissue maintenance and nutrients (iron and vitamin B-12) for your body to make red blood cells.  But how do you keep the calories down so you don’t pack on the pounds?

3 Tricks:

1).  Choose a lean cut of meat without visible fat

2).  Broil, Grill, or Roast the steak so the fat can drip off

3).  Flavor the steak with fresh ingredients (cooked in olive oil rather than butter), which eliminates the need to top steak with high calorie sauces.

Getting hungry?  Check out Plated’s Seared Hanger Steak with Japanese Ponzu Sauce and Basil Rice.  Entire dish only 540 calories!