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How Cooking Can Ease Your Anxiety and Boost Positive Emotions

Because there are so many great things about making yourself a home-cooked meal, we sometimes don’t know which one to pick first when talking about how Plated can benefit your lifestyle.

Of course there are specifics like “easy and convenient,” “healthier than takeout,” and “quality ingredients.” But a new piece in the Wall Street Journal highlights a reward to cooking that you may not have thought of: the feeling you get while (and after) you prepare your meal.

According to the article, cooking classes not only teach healthy practical skills to people with busy lives, but can also “soothe stress, build self-esteem and curb negative thinking by focusing the mind on following a recipe.”

Some health-care clinics found that cooking or baking gets people “to focus on something other than stressful emotions, or what was going on in their day.”

In the midst of a hectic schedule, cooking provides an opportunity to redirect your attention, do something goal-oriented, and ultimately feel a sense of accomplishment. Plated tries to facilitate this process by making it as simple and fun as possible.

Do you find that cooking or baking helps you feel more composed and happy? Start cooking with Plated today and get your first four plates free.


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