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10 Kitchen Tools Every Father Needs

If you’ve got a father (or a father-in-law, brother, uncle, or husband) who loves the kitchen, you don’t have to go scavenging deep in the speciality shelves at cooking stores to find something he doesn’t have yet. No, put down that weird contraption he’ll never use and focus instead on equipping him with the best set of kitchen essentials. If he already owns everything on this list, don’t worry: consider upgrading one or more of the items below to the best version you can find today.

Le Creuset Griddle
Reversible Grill GriddleIt doesn’t matter if it’s grilling weather if you’re in possession of this reversible indoor griddle, which turns beautiful cuts of meat into beautiful grill steaks whenever the urge arises. Flip it over and the griddle will find a second life during Sunday morning pancake hour and will come in useful anytime he (or you!) craves a grilled cheese. (Image: Williams-Sonoma)

A digital thermometer
Digital Cooking Thermometer To master meat cookery, an accurate, quick-read thermometer is the crucial tool. Sure, one day, he might be able to use his x-ray vision or one of the many, many tips that come down from professionals to know if that New York strip is medium or medium rare. But until that day, make sure all dad’s meat is done well by ensuring he’s got the right tool. (Image: The Kitchn)

An incredible chef’s knife
Chef's KnifeLike it or not, chopping is the task that takes up the bulk of kitchen time. Make sure his time is well spent by seeking out a sharp, comfortable chef’s knife that’ll remain his favorite utensil for years, if not forever. Add to this gift with a knife sharpener so he can obsess over keeping the blade in perfect shape. (Image: Kitchen Critical)

A Rabbit corkscrew
Rabbit CorkscrewWant this to be the father’s day that dad looks suave every single time he opens a bottle of wine? Then a streamlined opener, like the beloved Rabbit, is the gift to give. Instead of struggling against the cork ever again, he’ll be pouring wine refills within seconds of grabbing the bottle. (Image: Amazon)

A sports fan spatula
Sports Fan SpatulaFor grilling and tailgating, a heavy-duty spatula with his favorite team logo on it is the kind of whimsical-seeming gift that nevertheless turns out to be the kind of utensil he’ll reach for time and time again–and smile every time he does. (Image: Sportula)

Locking tongs
Locking TongsThe best version of a really useful tool, these tongs come in handy every time a spatula, fork, or wooden spoon can’t get the stirring, flipping, or lifting done–which turns out to be remarkably often. Looking tongs are beautifully designed to open when facing down and close when upturned, so he’ll never have to suffer the indignity of tongs springing open when he least imagines they will. (Image: Williams-Sonoma)

A huge serving platter that fits whatever he makes
Grilling Platter We eat with our eyes as well as our stomachs, and so if your resident cook really wants to show off the products of his oven, stove, or grill, make sure he’s got the right plate for doing so. A no-fuss large rectangular platter is perfect for piling on slices of steak, arranging finished burgers, or topping a whole grilled fish with lemon wedges and parsley. (Image: Quirky)

A bar set
Bar Set Reveal the bartender deep inside dad by making sure he’s got a jigger, strainer, garnish knife, bottle opener, stirrer, tons, and shaker. Add a few fun extras, like best-quality maraschino cherries or locally made bitters to get him ready to mix up his favorite drinks.(Image: Houzz)

Mortar & pestle
Morter and PestalA food processor may get the job of making pesto, guacamole, or salsa verde done, but to preserve texture and flavor, it’s best to use a traditional mortar & pestle set. Soon, he’ll be pulling the set out for almost any cooking occasion. (Image: The Splendid Table)

The best olive oil, salt, and pepper
Olive Oil Salt and Pepper SetAll cooking improves when he’s got the best ingredients on hand. Search out a supply of high-quality olive oil–maybe even a few bottles–an array of sea salts in different colors and grains, and whole peppercorns imported from Kerala, in India, where the most fragrant ones grow. (Image: Animi Causa)


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