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Chopped: The Inaugural Plated Edition


On a chilly Thursday night, two Plated “chefs” called on their culinary skills as they faced off against one another to prepare a spectacular dinner. The catch? In each round, they had to use all the ingredients our Culinary Team provided them, however unlikely they were (cornichon, anyone?). At the end of each course, our expert judges eliminated the chef who failed to measure up in terms of taste, presentation and creativity. Who was chopped?

Pork sausage
Spicy mustard
Bok choy

Mychal Turpin, ‎SEM/SEO Manager
Evan Mitchell, Customer Experience Associate

Let’s see how it all went down…


Our two competitors learn the rules

Things get heated, fast

Dinner is served… who will be chopped?

Evan served up a “Szechuan-style” stir fry with zoodles, carrots, and some sliced apple garnish (left). Mychal pulled together an Italian version of Pad See Ew, with roasted, chopped almonds on top (right).

After a tough deliberation, our judges chopped Evan’s stir fry, in favor of Mychal’s well-blended flavors and creative use of cornichon.

Winner: Mychal!

Until next time!

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