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3 Types of Salt to Try

Salt Kosher Table

There is almost no kitchen without salt.  While we recommend using only kosher salt when boiling water since it dissolves so quickly, there are a world of other salts out there that will take your dishes to the next level!

There are so many varieties of salt – how do you know which type to use for a given recipe? With our simple “salt guide,” you won’t have to wonder again:



Cooking Salts

We tend to stick with two types of salt when it comes to cooking. The first one, which we just mentioned, is kosher salt–our pick for salting water for boiling. Our second recommended salt is coarse sea salt – to be more specific, pink Himalayan sea salt. We find that the pink variety tends to taste less “harsh” and still imparts a sufficient saltiness to the foods we use it in. It may be pricey some places – try budget-friendly Trader’s Joe Himalayan Pink Sea Salt (with grinder)!



Finishing Salts

As the name implies, these salts are for ‘finishing’ your kitchen creations, right before they reach the table. Besides imparting flavor to your food, finishing salts typically add awesome texture and crunch to every bite. Two finishing salts we recommend: Maldon sea salt & Fleur de sel. Maldon has a really great flakiness and crunch that’s not overwhelming while Fleur de sel tends to be a little bit crunchier, but still delicate and salty. You may recognize Fleur de sel as the salt on desserts with caramel!


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Flavored Salts

Flavored salts can be great when you want to highlight a specific flavor in your finished dishes. Serving guacamole with fresh lime juice? Top your tortillas with lime-sea salt! Grilling up a juicy filet? Finish it with hickory-smoked salt.


- Jared Levan



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