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7 Ways to Eat Better Lunches

Make it a healthy New Year, starting with your weekday lunch routine! Check out these 7 tips for eating a better lunch to get you started.

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1. Eat a healthy breakfast

Instead of a caramel latté and croissant, opt for the egg and vegetable scramble. A hearty and filling breakfast will energize and sustain you to last until lunch without being tempted to snack.


2. Wait until you’re hungry

Instead of eating just because it’s noon, wait until you actually feel hungry. You’ll appreciate that midday meal much more!


3. Skip the soda

Just drink water. Consuming a sweetened beverage to your lunch can add over 150 calories to your meal!


4. Fill up

If you have a hearty midday meal you’ll be less likely to nibble on that bowl of M&Ms your coworker brought in to the office.


5. Bring your own

It’s much easier to say “no” to that baked ziti and garlic bread special when you already have a salad waiting in the office fridge.


6. Skip the carbs

A salad isn’t the only way to have a healthy lunch. If you’re eating at Chipotle, Kobeyaki, or a similar restaurant ask for extra veggies and skip the rice or tortilla.


7. Plan it out

Make a lunch meal plan. Prepare your meals ahead of time to make it easier during the week, and plan any lunch dates or meetings at a place you know you can get a healthy meal.


- Alivia Duran


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