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7 Perfect Valentine’s Desserts in 30 Minutes or Less

We’ve made the case for staying in on Valentine’s Day and discussed the most romantic at-home Valentine’s Day meal. But to make sure that the evening’s courses are outstanding from start to finish, you need to give your at-home Valentine’s date the perfect final touch. In other words, you’d better know what you’re having for dessert.

After you’ve cleared the dinner plates and uncorked another bottle of vino, you’ll want to indulge in something sweet that far surpasses mere pie à la mode. Any one of these 30-minute Plated desserts can set you up for success.

1. Hello Dolly Bars

2. Clementine Upside-Down Cake

3. Chocolate Brioche Bread Pudding with Pumpkin Pie Spice

4. Peanut and Bacon Brittle

5. Chocolate Custard Tarts

6. Apple Crisp with Spiced Pecans

7. Molten Chocolate Cakes

(This one’s available on our menu now!)

From knowing where to celebrate to figuring out what to serve, you’re fully prepped for the 14th. Now go make Valentine’s Day 2015 one for the ages!

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