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6 Veggie Hacks

We all struggle to get enough greens into our diet, but with these 6 easy veggie hacks getting your vitamins from vegetables just got a little easier!

Blueberry Spinach Smoothie from Alaska from Scratch

Start getting those veggies in before 9 am with these 10 Smoothie Recipes that pack in the greens!


Who’s going to notice a little pumpkin when it’s disguised in an enchilada layered with cheese? We love these easy to make Enchiladas with Pumpkin Sauce!


Forget artificial dyes – try using a roasted beet to color your next batch of cupcakes! Try these Hot Pink Beet Cupcakes.


So technically avocados aren’t a vegetable, but they are good enough for you to make the cut. This Avocado Pie recipe is made with entirely good-for-you ingredients that will leave you feeling good about indulging in a sweet treat.


Veggies plus chocolate? If it’s a Zucchini Chocolate Cake we are 100% on board! The zucchini helps keep the cake moist and, finely grated, you won’t even notice it in there!


Forget the carb-loaded pasta with this Butternut Squash Lasagna from Brit+Co! Thin strips of Butternut Squash replace lasagna noodles, cutting the unhealthy carbs and adding flavor to these cute little mini lasagnas.

- Alivia Duran


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