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3 Ways to Make Eating Healthy Over the Holidays Easier

With Christmas and New Years drawing closer, we are all starting to plan our family celebrations and outings. One of the biggest things to take into consideration is the food. Those special meals and treats that have become tradition in our households over the years are what we all look forward to when thinking of holidays. The main point of the holidays should be to enjoy time with family, but there’s no denying the tradition of eating amazingly delicious food all day long until we can’t eat anymore.

With all that goodness on the table, you can’t help but feel overindulged once the holidays are over and done with. Eating healthy can be a challenge during the year in general, but on special occasions it becomes nearly impossible! Here are some simple but helpful tips for making your holidays not only delicious, but a little bit healthier as well.

1. Prepare in advance for a holiday away

When you’re traveling to the home of a family member or a friend for the holidays, it can be a lot harder to plan ahead to make sure you have healthier choices available. Communicate with whomever you’re going to be sharing meals and see what they’re preparing, or if they’d like you to bring anything. If it seems there might not be much for you to partake in that won’t be loaded with cream cheese or other such indulgences, make a few dishes on the healthier side that you can enjoy. Be sure to make enough for everyone – you could start a new traditional dish!

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2. Try your hand at a little homemade

Just because something is completely homemade and doesn’t include any pre-prepared ingredients doesn’t necessarily mean it will be a healthier option, but it does give you control over how unhealthy it will be. Look up better alternatives to some of the higher calorie ingredients in your favorite dishes and experiment with them instead. Not everything will work the same way, but most things will be simple to tweak until it’s exactly what you desire. Who knows, you might even like your healthier version more!

3. Indulge, but don’t overdo it

Don’t let your desire to be healthy outweigh your enjoyment of the foods you’ve been looking forward to during the holidays! If you want to have your favorite pie then go ahead, just take a smaller piece and eat slower. It’s been said that the first three bites are the best, so really savor smaller portions of your favorite not-so-healthy dishes, instead of eating larger portions faster! Not only will you be eating a bit healthier, but if you slow down you’ll probably end up enjoying the food a lot more than you normally do.

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You might be looking for ways to keep from overindulging in the way you eat, but make sure you get your fill of what’s really important this holiday season: love, laughter, and family.

- Hannah Catherine


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