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3 Korean Taco Recipes

Cartographers may disagree, but we know that there exists a place where Korea and Mexico meet. It’s called the Korean taco, and we like to visit as often as possible.

Check out these three Korean taco recipes and consider making a trip yourself to this flavorful world. You’ll be having too good a time to send us a thank-you postcard.

1. Korean Bo-Ssam Style Tacos

This Plated recipe uses gochujang, a sweet-and-spicy Korean condiment made from red chili peppers and soy beans. Combined with sesame oil and soy sauce, it makes a delicious marinade for the steak in these tacos.

2. Korean Bulgogi Tacos

“Bulgogi” literally means “fire meat.” And this beef-short-ribs-filled recipe is sure to stoke the flames of your appetite.

3. Korean Tacos with Kogi BBQ Sauce

Kogi, a Los Angeles-based taco truck, goes for a boldly flavored BBQ sauce. Try this recipe to taste it for yourself.


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