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11 Celebs You Never Knew Were Vegan

We’re no stranger to vegan and vegetarian recipes. As it turns out, neither are some of our favorite celebs. Check out this list of health-conscious stars who stick to vegan diets!

1.  Betty White


As if there weren’t enough reasons to love Betty White: For a 91st birthday gift, she asked her friends to donate to the Morris Animal Foundation to advance veterinary medicine. Betty White, can we be your best friend?

2. Mike Tyson


We didn’t realize Evander Holyfield’s right ear was considered vegan. Just kidding, Iron Mike! (Please don’t find and hurt us.)

3. Woody Harrelson


When he’s not acting alongside Jennifer Lawrence, Woody’s not playing any hunger games. (Rim shot!) Not only is he vegan but he’s even on the raw-food diet, where you eat vegetables, fruit, and nuts in their most natural forms to maximize their nutritional value.

4. Russell Simmons


Russell also practices Transcendental Meditation. “So, so def” would probably make a good mantra.

5. Jessica Simpson


Jessica went vegan shortly before her wedding this summer. But we’re pretty sure it’s unrelated to that time she thought tuna was chicken.

6. Emily Deschanel


Because it’s hard to eat animals when your sister has the eyes of a doe.


7. Usher


“It started when we were younger and you were my… my boo-oo.” — Usher singing to a kale salad.

8. Joaquin Phoenix


Although he might just be Method-acting a vegan character, we’ll keep him on the list for now.

9. Jennifer Lopez


At 45 years of age, this vegan still looks great. Like, hyper-sexual-music-video-with-Iggy-Azalea great.

10. Jay-Z and Beyonce


Well, they went vegan for 22 days just to try it out. … We’ll take it.

11. Alanis Morissette


Isn’t it ironic? … No, actually, this one kind of makes sense.

 What other celebs have surprised you with their dietary habits? Comment below!


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